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Proud to be ND Notre Dame Parent Pride

The Parents Program at the University of Notre Dame invites all our parents to be engaged in the life of the University. Whether you are a current parent, a lifetime parent, or a prospective parent, your students are our greatest treasure. We are grateful to you for supporting their decision to attend the University of Notre Dame, and we share your pride in their success. We welcome your commitment to, and involvement with, the University of Notre Dame.

Latest News

Mothers of Notre Dame Mass 2014

For the third year, parents across the country have worked with the Parents Program to coordinate a Mothers of Notre Dame Mass to celebrate the women and mothers of Notre Dame. On May 18, 2014, the Sunday after Mother's Day, or May 4, 2014,  the Sunday before Mother's Day, several Masses dedicated to our Notre Dame mothers will be celebrated. Read More

Live Broadcast for Parents

The Parents Program broadcast for parents last night was filled with significant and comprehensive information.  The broadcast was live at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time, and was the second year this type of presentation was offered to our parents. Coming up in this space will be a video of the presentation

Presenting information about their programs were Kate Barrett from Campus Ministry, Ryan Willerton from the Office of Community Standards, Tom Guinan from ND International, and Mary Nucciarone from the Office of Financial Aid. Read More

Junior Parents Weekend

Congratulations to the JPW student committee who planned a wonderful Junior Parents Weekend for 2014.

JPW began Friday, February 14, with the Gala, and concluded Sunday, February 16, with brunch.  The snowstorm that hit the east coast did not daunt the excitement and delight of the parents who changed flights, drove intead of flew, and braved all elements to make it to campus for the weekend.  Junior parents and the parents of senior architecture students spent the weekend with their students learning more about their college, their major in that college, and meeting their friends in the residence halls.  Read More

Sophomore Parents Tailgate

The Parents Program and the Sophomore Class Council sponsored a nonalcoholic tailgate for sophomore parents who were on campus Saturday Nov. 2 to attend the Navy game which had been designated by the Football Ticket Office as one of the two parent games.  This year's Sophomore Class Council and the Parents Program for the second year sponsored a nonalcoholic tailgate for the sophomore parents and students, from noon to 2 p.m.  Over 600 parents and students attended.  Harmonia performed for the guests.  Read More

Notre Dame Blessing

May the Golden Dome of Notre Dame shine upon you.
May the special sons and daughters of Notre Dame
         be forever.
May the spirit of Notre Dame bring you everlasting joy.
May the fires of Our Lady's Grotto always burn
         brightly in your life.
And may God, Country, and Notre Dame be a beacon
         on your journey.

Rick Childress, Father of ND Grad
From Lead, Kindly Light, The Notre Dame Book of Prayers,
Published by Campus Ministry


Fog surrounding the Golden Dome


Calendar 2014

Mar  5                       Live-streamed broadcast from this
                                     website for parents at 6:30 p.m. ET
Mar 19                     March E-newsletter to Current Parents
Apr 7 - 24                Registration for Fall 2014
Apr 9                       April E-newsletter to Current Parents
Apr 13                     Palm Sunday
Apr 17                     Holy Thursday
Apr 18                     Good Friday
Apr 20                     Easter Sunday
April 25                    FAFSA and CSS/PROFILE deadline
April 27                    Notre Dame Day begins 18:42L 
                                                                       (6:42 p.m. EST)
May 18                    Mothers of Notre Dame Masses
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This is our goal "...to build a Notre Dame that is bigger and better than ever - a great Catholic university for the 21st century, one of the pre-eminent research institutions in the world, a center for learning whose intellectual and religious traditions converge to make it a healing, unifying, enlightening force for a world deeply in need."

Rev. John Jenkins, C.S.C.
President, University of Notre Dame
2005 Inaugural Address