Parent Mentors

Parent Mentors are Lifetime parents who have volunteered to share their Notre Dame parent experience. 

They do not speak in an official capacity, on behalf of the University, or as an employee of the University.  They are volunteers who love Notre Dame and want our current parents to have an opportunity to learn more about Notre Dame.  The Mentors do not call our parents or ask them for donations.  They have volunteered to answer calls or emails from parents about many things that parents want to know:  travel arrangements, winter clothes, football games, JPW, any number of things that we parents find ourselves asking.  The Parents Program is pleased to provide a Parent Mentor program, and we are grateful to the many parents who have volunteered.

The Mentors are grouped by geographic area.  We do not have Mentors from each state.  If you have a question and there is a mentor from your area, we suggest you contact them.  If there is no mentor from your state, contact a mentor within your region.

In addition, many of our mentors have volunteered to discuss certain topics about which they feel they can share helpful information.  Those topics are provided as well.

Many thanks to our Mentors who have been excited about seeing this program take flight.


Name Phone Email City State
Andrea Murphy Lake Oswego OR
Megan Shank 714-330-9182   Fullerton CA
Debbie Nunez 818-889-4495 Los Angeles/ Ventura County CA
Cindy Lupica 818-790-5622 La Canada/ Pasadena CA
Stephen Kane 559-323-1082 Clovis/ Central Valley CA
Brenda Kane 559-323-1082 Clovis/ Central Valley CA
Rose Mijares 805-703-3810 San Luis Obispo/ Central Coast CA
Susan Benninghoff 619-287-6322 San Diego CA
Doug and Norma Gimber 619-299-9449 San Diego CA 
Donald Nejedly 925-838-0538 Diablo/Danville CA
Julie Nejedly 925-838-0538 Diablo/Danville CA
Cynthia Kring 231-631-9367 Durango CO
James Curcio* 602-885-8888 Chandler AZ
    * student athletes;  business    
Kristen Cole 602-493-2130 Scottsdale/Phoenix AZ
Deirdre K. O'Brien-Montijo 520-760-3346 Tucson AZ
Pat and Ann O'Connor 520-749-1021 Tucson AZ
Kristi Mobley 406-698-9597  Broadus MT
Christine Ritger 775-782-9791 Genoa NV
Rosemary T. Lesser 801-710-2505  Ogden UT



Name Phone Email City State
Mary Hurd

605-481-0427                                                               Accessibility;  Study Abroad   SD
William Lawrence 832-678-3001 Houston TX
Marilyn Mayer 713-705-1747 Houston TX
Jane Ladd 281-980-3246 Houston/ Sugar Land TX
Bob Ladd 281-703-1747 Houston/ Sugar Land TX
Cynthia Snyder 956-763-5065 Laredo TX
Julie Garcia 830-228-4808 San Antonio TX
Jane Nemecek

Eden Prairie


    * marching band    
Erin Schneeman* 651-206-3054 St. Paul MN
    * service work, special events, living on vs. off campus    
Patty Ronan* 507-206-0461 Rochester MN
    *Marching Band, Lit Choir, Glee Club, Undertones, Engineering, Business, Irish Studies, Study Abroad
Leslie Bull 952-949-9525 Twin Cities MN
Colleen Schaefer   WI/MN
Tim Stare 262-697-8301 Kenosha WI
Jeanne McLean 630-927-2722 Aurora / Batavia IL
Mary Ellen Kastenholz 708-246-5521 Western Springs IL
Jack Revord 847-486-0510 Glenview IL
Annmarie Crowley 847-304-9239 NW Suburbs of Chicago IL
Dana Crowley 847-304-9239 NW Suburbs of Chicago IL
Anna Lux* 630-865-6412   IL
    *female athletics    
Shelly Mowry* 217-816-2691 after 6 p.m. Decatur/ Springfield IL
    * student athletes    
Nancy & Mike Weightman* 248-931-7927   * care packages Clarkston MI
Robert LaBarge 269-487-8701 Sturgis MI
Susan and Thomas Boyer  Bloomfield Hills/  Detroit MI
Lisa Lillie* 248-875-5844 Detroit MI
    *student athletes    
Todd Lillie 248-390-3692   *ROTC Detroit MI
Terri Krause 574-904-3540      * first generation families Elkhart IN
Heidi Lamm 574-329-6565   Mishawaka IN
Michael & Donna Venturini 317-876-3206 Carmel/ Indiannapolis IN
Lida Moeller 574-857-6345 Rochester IN
Janet Gleason Cincinnati OH
Neil Roseberry 216-469-0375 Cleveland OH
Tom & Kathy Corroto 614-764-9335 Columbus OH
Rita and Michael McCabe 614-436-3821 Columbus OH
Tom & Debra Heck 937-890-2518   Dayton OH
Cindy McAllister 614-874-6102 Grove City OH
Joy Fotsch 859-331-6718 Villa Hills / Cincinnati area KY
Michael Rehagen* 573-636-5789 Jefferson City MO
  M-F 5-8 p.m.   SS  9 a.m.-8 p.m. *general questions;  transfer students    
Jim and Donna Blase* 314-909-6565  or
* studying abroad

St. Louis MO
Susan and Nick Schilling* 816-916-8697  816-588-7783   *Service opps & retreats; Choirs; JPW; Summer programs Kansas City Metro Area KS/ MO
Ann Boulay 402-657-2825 Omaha NE
Neema Bhat 262-527-8293 Milwaukee WI



Name Phone Email City State
Mary & Al Kovacik 724-388-2897 Blairsville PA
Angela Ortenzio* 717-877-8878 Harrisburg PA
    *travel abroad, clubs, post graduate    
Lawrence & Nancy Ward 814-269-3593 Johnstown PA
Joseph Bowers 610-543-8330 Philadelphia PA
Daniel Sherry* 610-354-8260 Philadelphia PA
    *post graduate    
Lisa Smith 717-741-4310 York PA
Robert Rubbinaccio 732-617-1018 central New Jersey NJ
Kathy and Bill Wynkoop* 856-829-8949 Cinnaminson (near Philadelphia) NJ
    *ND Vision    
Deborah McGeehan 732-239-4131 Howell/ Brick NJ
Mary Ellen Cook 201-323-3371 Morris County NJ
Gwen Smyth Old Tappan NJ
Richard Harte Princeton NJ
Adrienne Trivella 908-403-0107 after 3 p.m.   NJ
Michelle Ferguson* 917-301-2912 NY City NY/NJ
    *single parent, study abroad    
Paul Coletti 908-230-8324   NY City NJ
Doug and Norma Gimber 619-871-9449 Southeastern NH
Paul Rauseo 631-423-9320 Long Island NY
Marilyn Meares 516-922-1109   Oyster Bay NY
Dan Candura Boston MA
Jim Clark 781-801-5570  Burlington MA
Paula and Matt Connors 781-749-5713 Hingham MA
Clare Keefe* 508-384-8069 Wrentham MA
    *travel from Boston/Providence area, study abroad (Spain)  
Stephanie Donahue 978-459-7189 Lowell MA
Julie Cain 410-464-1767  Baltimore MD
Greg Thesing 603-228-9367   NH
Rae Versagli 302-235-8210   DE
Steve Huff & Kathy Smith 203-966-7702   CT
Ronald Savino 860-651-9704 Simsbury CT
Karen Simonetti 205-970-2375 Birmingham AL
Kathy and Don Babin 561-840-6339 Palm Beach Gardens FL
Leizy and John Leniart 954-783-0773 Pompano Beach FL
Stephanie Riess 727-576-7323 Tampa FL
Edward & Mary Ellen Fishburne * 770-570-8990 Atlanta GA
    * ROTC, Study Abroad, Rubgy, Soccer    
Paul Bonitatibus 504-884-1018 New Orleans LA
George & Kathleen McGowan* 843-947-0750           SC
    * Transfer students;  ROTC    
Karen Armstrong 423-581-8069   TN
Peter Stahl 703-242-3611 northern VA/  DC area VA
Theresa Piscal* 703-360-7078 Alexandria VA
    * Army ROTC: Military family    
Neema Bhatt  * 262-527-8293   India
Maria del Carmen de Aveledo  * 58-212-286-8552 

Caracas Venezuela
    *  life at ND for international student; study abroad