Student Well-Being


For University Health Services, Counseling Services, or general wellness, students head to Saint Liam Hall, or “Saint Liam’s.” There is a Walgreens Pharmacy inside to give students convenient access to prescription and OTC medication. Exhaustive hours


McWell: Located on the second floor of Saint Liam’s, the McDonald Center for Student Well-Being focuses on empowering students to maximize their potential. They offer wellness assessments, mindfulness sessions to help with stress and sleep, substance use assistance, and three reservable restorative spaces. If your son or daughter is craving some fruit, tell them to head to McWell on Mondays -they have free strawberries!


UCC: On the third floor of Saint Liam's, students can find the University Counseling Center. Eligible students can receive confidential counseling and crisis intervention services.


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Located on South Quad across from Dillon Hall, The Coleman-Morse Center (aka CoMo) houses the First Year of Studies department, the Writing Center, Academic Services for Student-Athletes


First Year of Studies, 219 Coleman-Morse Center

Writing Center, 203 Coleman-Morse Center

Academic Services for Student-Athletes (ASSA), 109 Coleman-Morse Center

Campus Ministry,  319 Coleman-Morse Center, 631-7800



Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) ensure campus remains a safe, orderly environment. They offer a range of services to students, such as bike registration, crime prevention, event security, and emergency response services. NDSP can be reached at: (574) 631-5555

Campus Safety/NDSP

Title IX/Sexual Assault Resources


Sara Bea Center

Sara Bea Disability Services ensures that every qualifying student has equal access to a Notre Dame education. Students can apply to receive testing accommodations, auxiliary aids and services, or can to volunteer to take notes for a friend with a disability. The center can be reached at 574-631-7157, or contact Coordinator Scott Howland at


Sdh 4web Group

Students have access to Nutritional Counseling through Notre Dame Campus Dining. Whether they have special dietary needs or want to learn about making healthier choices, Jocie Antonelli is a registered dietitian who loves helping students! She loves to do personal shopping for students with dietary restrictions, so make sure to reach out if your child has an allergy! Contact for more information.