Celebrating 175 Years

Author: Leigh Ann Jacobson

Notre Dame PinNotre Dame Pin

Dear Fellow Parents,


As many of you know, in 1842 Father Sorin, who came to America from France at age 28 with $300, founded the University of Notre Dame du Lac (Our Lady of the Lake). This University, Sorin predicted, would become “a powerful force for good” — and so it strives to be, even now, 175 years after its founding.


Over the years, our sons and daughters experienced their own journeys to Our Lady’s University. Today, as parents we often marvel at their own determination and dedication as they continue living the mission of Notre Dame.


As part of our celebration of 175 years of excellence, Notre Dame is offering a commemorative pin. As ND parents, we can wear this pin in gratitude of Notre Dame’s rich history and in celebration of our children’s events and milestones that create new chapters of Notre Dame’s story.


Thank you for trusting in Notre Dame and for all you do for Our Lady’s University. We are incredibly grateful for you, our Notre Dame family.


Yours in Notre Dame,

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Leigh Ann Jacobson, P'17
Director, Notre Dame Parents 

P.S. All gifts of $54 or more made by June 30 will be recognized with a commemorative 175 pin. These pins will be delivered to your homes by August 26, 2017, the final day of the Notre Dame Trail, a 13-day pilgrimage that will retrace Fr. Sorin’s journey from Vincennes, IN to Notre Dame.