Michael & Sharon Sullivan

Sullivan Family Photo

Together, we watched with pride as our daughters, Michayla '10 and Alyssa '13 walked across the stage at Notre Dame's commencement, each a person of her own, whose mind, body, and spirit had been shaped by the gift of a premier education and many Notre Dame moments. 

As we reflect on the the time that Michayla and Alyssa spent at the University of Notre Dame, we are extremely thankful for those moments that came together to form the Notre Dame Catholic educational community experience. 

During their time at Notre Dame, we loved hearing of their involvement in campus life through activities such as Student Class Council, Swing Dancing, International Business Council, study abroad programs, fundraising for St. Judes and volunteering at the Center for the Homeless. Those Notre Dame moments, in the classroom, in the dorms, at the Grotto, and everywhere in between, combined to make for a unique experience that will serve as an anchor and a guide as they move forward in life. We are deeply grateful that Notre Dame's commitment to excellence in everything it does provided a world-class education for our children.

All of this is a reminder to us that Notre Dame's commitment to excellence in all that it does is a source of deep pride and inspiration and something to be shared with another generation of Notre Dame students. We are blessed that we are able to make these opportunities possible for today's students through our annual gifts to the University. Please join us in this commitment by making a gift so all students who live under the Golden Dome and create their own Notre Dame story. It is the gift of a lifetime. 

Wishing your family all the best. Go Irish!

Michael '79 & Sharon '79 Sullivan