David & Julie Carson


Our third son decided that Notre Dame was the place he wanted to be mid-way through the tour on his first visit to campus. His student guide was a senior business major, excited about starting his post-graduation career at a top Wall Street investment bank. But what really impressed our son was that the young man was equally excited about the mission of his career: to take the knowledge and skills he learned at Notre Dame and use them for good.

After four years of political science and ROTC, our son is now preparing for graduation and commissioning in the Air Force, ready to make a positive difference in the lives of others. And we’re thrilled that our youngest son is wrapping up his second year at Notre Dame, studying fine arts and theology, all the while reaching out in service in the South Bend community.

We are delighted by the education our sons are receiving. And even above and beyond sending them and our tuition dollars to South Bend, as members of the Sorin Society we feel we are participating with our sons in the life of the university—that our financial contributions are helping Notre Dame enhance the educational experience of current and future students not only for their benefit, but also for the benefit of our nation and the world.

We trust that by becoming members of the Sorin Society, you will feel the same way.

David and Julie Carlson

Fairfax, VA