Parent Mentors

Parent Mentors are Lifetime parents who have volunteered to share their Notre Dame parent experience.

They do not speak in an official capacity, on behalf of the University, or as an employee of the University. They are volunteers who love Notre Dame and want our current parents to have an opportunity to learn more about Notre Dame. The Mentors do not call our parents or ask them for donations. They have volunteered to answer calls or emails from parents about many things that parents want to know: travel arrangements, winter clothes, football games, JPW, any number of things that we parents find ourselves asking. The Parents Program is pleased to provide a Parent Mentor program, and we are grateful to the many parents who have volunteered.

The Mentors are grouped by geographic area. We do not have Mentors from each state. If you have a question and there is a mentor from your area, we suggest you contact them. If there is no mentor from your state, contact a mentor within your region.

In addition, many of our mentors have volunteered to discuss certain topics about which they feel they can share helpful information. Those topics are provided as well.

Many thanks to our Mentors who have been excited about seeing this program take flight.