Being a Notre Dame Parent

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"Being a Notre Dame parent means entrusting in this community to continue the loving, nurturing, and development of our child’s mind and spirit.  It means believing that this home of 4 years will be a gathering of like-minded people who will offer solace when times are tough, share in the joys of triumphs and everyday blessings, and walk together in the discovery of Life’s purposes.  Being a Notre Dame parent means there are no words befitting of the pride and love we feel as our child is primed by the best in class to serve the world in their own unique way." - Anna & Ernest Wong, P'19


"[is the] best feeling in the world watching your child live out her dream! So proud of her for all her hard work to accomplish her goal!" - Maria and Lou Ferrello, P'21

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"We are trying very hard to let go so that our kids can have experiences where they grow and learn in a challenging and supportive environment"-Erin and Paul Van Dieren, P'21

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"Twice blessed" -Lisa and Ferdie Tanjuatco, P'21