Domer Dollars

Domer Dollars are convenient electronic funds that you purchase and attach to your University ID Card.

  • They allow you to buy just about anything on campus without the need to carry cash or credit cards.
  • Unlike a credit card, there are no mounting debts with Domer Dollars, no interest charged, and no monthly bill—just a record of the debits made from your already deposited funds.
  • Domer Dollars do not expire. Your balance carries forward as long as you are enrolled at, or employed by, the University of Notre Dame. Remaining balances over $500 will be credited upon separation or termination from the University.
  • Safety: Domer Dollars allow you to make purchases without the need to carry cash. Because your ID displays your photograph, only you can use the card to make a purchase. Report lost ID cards immediately.
  • Convenience: Domer Dollars eliminate the need to carry cash, and they speed up your checkout time. Never again worry about not having enough cash.
  • Budgeting: Tracking your expenditures is made easy. A monthly Domer Dollars account statement is sent to your Notre Dame e-mail address.
  • Visa/MC/Discover deposits can be made only online.
  • Visit the website at